Advantages of PE Sheath Material

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POST ON:2021-09-24

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In order to facilitate the laying and transportation of optical cables, when the optical cable leaves the factory, each axis can be rolled for 2-3 kilometers. When laying the optical cable for a long distance, it is necessary to connect the optical cables of different axes. When connecting, the two-axis optical cable is in the cable sheath. For fusion splicing. Now Hunan GL analyzes the advantages of PE power cable protection pipes for everyone:

1. Excellent physical properties are produced with high-quality polyethylene raw materials. It not only has good rigidity, strength, but also good flexibility, which is conducive to the installation of pipelines.

2. Corrosion resistance and long service life: In coastal areas, the groundwater level is high and the soil humidity is high. The use of metal or other pipes must be anticorrosive. And the service life is generally only 30 years, and the PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical media, and is not affected by soil corrosion.

3. Good toughness and flexibility. PE pipe is a kind of high-toughness pipe with a breaking elongation of more than 500%. It has a very strong adaptability to uneven ground settlement and dislocation of the foundation. Good shock resistance. Small diameter pipes can be bent arbitrarily.

4. The pipe wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the cable is easy to swallow, and the construction period is efficient.

5. Good electrical insulation performance, long service life (buried pipes help more than 50 years), durable, safe and reliable line operation.

6. Light weight, maintenance, installation and construction, convenient maintenance, easy to transport and operate.

7. Small diameter pipes can be coiled, with long pipe sections, few joints, and easy installation.

8. The pipe can be made into a variety of colors to show distinction.

9. Excellent low-temperature impact resistance. PE's low-temperature embrittlement temperature is extremely low, and it can be used safely within the temperature range of 20-40. During construction in winter, the pipe will not be brittle due to the good impact of the material.

10. PE pipe with good wear resistance is compared with other metal pipes. The wear resistance is 4 times that of metal pipes.

11. A variety of new construction methods. In addition to the traditional excavation method, PE pipes can also be constructed with a variety of new non-excavation techniques, such as pipe jacking, liner pipe, and split pipe construction. This is the only place where excavation is not allowed. s Choice.

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